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A very warm welcome to Megan Ace Interiors - Interior Design and Styling consultant based in Worcester, servicing Worcestershire, the West Midlands and The Cotswolds.

I have worked in the creative industries for over fifteen years; theatre and event producing, editorial writing for a lifestyle magazine and offering interior design and style advice for a variety of clients. 

Since renovating my own home the house of mum a number of years ago, my passion for interiors has grown considerably. I love to look at a space and think about what I can bring creatively to help make it work better, for whoever happens to live in it.

Over all, my style, quite simply is if it makes my heart flip, I’ll consider it for my home; an approach I encourage my clients to adopt too. I like art, objects and pieces of furniture to tell a story, not least as a point of conversation, but also to evoke memory and emotion. I suggest to have at least one luxury/ statement item in each room then team it with bargain-buys from reclamation yards / brick-a-brac shops and local selling websites and for me, that’s a winning formula. I also like to support small, independent businesses wherever possible; many of which I have found via Instagram and other social media and who I’ve been made aware of by the people who I follow and inspire me.

There’s not a day that goes by in which I don’t feel grateful for my little family and the house, we feel so happy living in. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved in our home; already splitting at the seems with memories and a space for all our friends and family to enjoy with a plate of something in one hand and a glass/ bottle of something in the other.

To those of you who have found time to visit my website and view my work, even if it’s just one line, for the likes and the comments, I am truly thankful. Do remember that a lot of what we scroll over on social media is certainly far from reality. We are all guilty of diving into others’ home with envy and of course, the feeling of ‘how does their home look like that?!’ Truth is, it doesn’t. 


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