I would like to acknowledge those without a home and in particular, children who have yet to experience what it feels like to grow up in a happy, secure and loving home. 

In memory of my late father, a percentage of my earnings from my interior services goes towards local charity, Maggs Day centre who offers help and support in this area. 

“We work to help homeless and vulnerable people raise their self-confidence thereby enabling positive life changes”.

We run 9 different projects: Day Centre; Health Hub; Support Services; Befriending; Volunteering; Clothing Store; Activity Centre; Research Project; and Outreach. Some are Worcester City based and some are County wide. We assist around 450 individuals each year. Each day about 40 people access our services.  
We work with the most marginalized groups in society, many unable to fulfill the most basic of needs, and face significant barriers to integrating back into society, often due to complex reasons.  Alongside addressing basic needs, staff signpost clients to other relevant agencies, such as hostels, drug and alcohol support services and housing providers.

Maggs has an outreach team (Maggs Outreach and Transition Service MOaTS), who operate across the county working with entrenched rough sleepers. We work with those who are not engaged with other services to build the confidence to engage and to identify any changes they want to make in their lives.