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Spaceslide Personas

image shows megan holding moodboard

Last week, I was invited by bespoke sliding door company, Spaceslide to their showroom in Lichfield to take a look at their products on offer and then create a moodboard along side their Head of Design, Andy (who donned the most beautiful green scarf I think I’d ever seen. Fact).

Image shows lead designer in green scarf opening sliding wardrobe

What inspired me most was the personas / categories/ groups in which Spaceslide has created for each consumer, and as a result, has been translated into their ‘look book’. The Traveller, The Entertainer, The Minimalist and The Romantic. I love that the team behind the brand have managed to dive down into our differing tastes; kind of allowing and encouraging all tastes to flourish, rather than primarily focusing on what's currently fashionable or simply suggesting a trend which will no doubt have come to an end by the time the wardrobes are fitted.

So much work goes into creating and building these personas, which is an approach I try to adopt with each of my clients. Diving further into this theory, I like to think about what that particular client is wearing, what they like to eat, to drink, to listen to, to read, what scent they wear, what colours they affiliate with, and so on. Working with every sense helps build a character which inevitably helps to design a home, a space, in which they feel comfortable, and most of all, happy.

image shows examples of pinks and greens within a room

'The Romantic'

The Romantic sees the world through wide eyes. Pastel Colours and tactile fabrics create a sensory experience that allows the mind to soften into a dream-like haze. Hues of dusty pink bring a touch of femininity to the romantic's space. Tones of soft grey and sage green allow you to build up texture without contradicting the washed-out effect. He/ she seeks delight from the little things in life. From the crunch of fresh grass under your toes, to the silhouette of trees against a setting pink sky. Life is beautiful.

'The Traveller'

image shows warm greens, luxe wallpapers

The Traveller is a brave, independent and inquisitive soul. The Multiple hues in the palette reflect the open nature and heart of this character. Warm tones of terracotta play with splashes of green and blue. Patterns and prints flow naturally into this range to create a mixed patchwork that is a feast for the eyes. The Traveller can never truly be 'captured' because they're in constant flux; learning, growing, exploring, creating. Their sense of freewill and energy encourages you to follow your own dreams. Here today, gone tomorrow.

image shows a minimalist scheme using black and beige tones

'The Minimalist'

The Minimalist brings a fresh approach to classic design. Inspirational, and one step ahead of the rest. He/ she blends subtle monotones with natural textures in a flawless fashion. From bold tones of charcoal, to rustic shades of beige, the minimalist can turn subtle undertones into a modernist sanctuary. The Espresso Martini of the design world, lose yourself in the space and elegance offered by this sleek palette.

images shows soft pinks, greens, a relaxed look

'The Entertainer'.

The Entertainer takes bold hues and curates them in a carefully constructed manner, blending soft curves with hard lines. Wood and minerals naturally complement the earthy shades in this palette, to create a sense of grounding in the room. With a meticulous eye for detail, he/ she relishes in sourcing beautiful objects to inspire and impress. He/ she is a true epicurean. From dark notes of an aged Burgundy, to freshly baked Parisian delicacies, the entertainer leaves guests feeling like royalty.

How clever is that?!

The day concluded with us making our own moodboards. Any guesses which persona reflects my personality? I was told it was The Traveller, which just about sums me up, I think. Which one resonates with you? I'd love to know.

As ever, thank you for reading. xMA

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