"We knew we wanted Megan to work with us right from the first consultation! We had some initial ideas for our garage conversion but Megan helped us to organise all of our random thoughts and suggested a clear concept. She convinced us quite early on, to knock through the whole wall and was quick to put our minds at rest, that we'd still be able to get the cosy lounge, dining area and play area that we really wanted. She was really easy to talk to from the outset, was very easy to contact and bounce ideas off and was happy to work in a relatively tight budget too. She has helped us create a real living space that is stylish (when tidy!) yet so practical and comfortable to live in. We honestly couldn't be happier with the result!

Penny Hannon (Private Client)


After encountering a terrible upheaval at home, the fabulous Megan came to our aid and gave us so many inspirational ideas to make our home, home again. Faced with the painstaking challenge of refurbishing and redesigning your whole home, I din't know where to start and found it way too over whelming given the situation we were in. Thankfully from day one, Megan has made the whole experience far more enjoyable and allowed me to get my head around it. From the colour tones (which we wouldn't have chosen ourselves!) to the importance of lighting, she has provided great ideas to what we think will transform our home. Cannot thank Megan enough.

Dominique Bray (Private Client)


Engaging Megan for our slightly unusual request has transformed a summer house into Bentley's Bar - a place that holds such memories and is yet to build many more. Megan made bold recommendations, we trusted them even though they were way out of our comfort zone.. and now.. everyone wants to know what's happening at Bentley's! We have now asked Megan to work on our Hallway and Office.

Amy Brunton (private client)


Louise Gipson (Interior Designer)

"Megan, Ostlers looks amazing, good use of space and the accent colours work very well. It gives the restaurant an elegant relaxing feel."

Melissa Porter (Private Client) 

"Thank you for being so inspiring and for taking me through all of my doubts (particularly the moment all the walls came down... panic!) you've helped us create the perfect living space"

Ben Nelsey, Owner, Ostlers at Number 1 

I really couldn't be happier with the new-look restaurant. Not only did Megan manage to create an extra 4 covers, in this intimate restaurant, she has turned what used to be a rather dark, tired looking space, into a light, creative and one-off independently owned restaurant."